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EAC STEEL are a company with experience in manufacturing machinery, tube and so the same we have a large stock on any product or model listed in our web. • We need partners for funding in machinery and products.

Welcome to EAC STEEL

EAC STEEL Peruvian company created in china, with a commitment to develop and deliver machines with the technology for the manufacture of welded pipes and forming machines generally tailored to the needs and requirements of our customers. Our commitment also builds on JOIN VENTURE do with our clients and conduct business using machines with technologies aimed at developing new production systems and benefiting our partners.

Dedicated to providing solutions to the Metal Metallic industry with innovative products that generate added value to their business enterprises. High quality at a low cost.

Becoming a leader in promoting the metallurgical industry, machinery and equipment quality.

Our employees are an important asset to our company as well our business partners. For this reason, we conducted a rigorous selection process where we seek to cover each area with the highest professional level, offering a great service to our customers.

EAC STEEL we care to safeguard the protection of the environment in each of our processes.

EAC News

EAC STEEL sold a roll forming machine roof panel (Tr4 - Tr7)

maquina conformadora de calaminas de aluzinc EAC STEEL has made a sale of a roll formin machine roof panel to the company CALAMINON.

EAC News

EAC STEEL has a roll forming machine for steel Deck (Metal Deck)

deck roll forming machine EAC STEEL has made ​​a purchase of a roll forming machine Steel Deck or also called Metal Deck.

EAC News

EAC STEEL made a sale of a forming machine EA-89

Conformadora de tubos EA89EAC STEEL made a sale of a forming machine of tubes in Lima, Peru EA-89 model Ø 13 ~ Ø 60 mmm, also Ø 0.5 ~ 2.5 mm with an output of 20-80 M/min of finished product.

EAC News

EAC STEEL made a sale of Double Roll Forming Machine

double roll forming EAC STEEL made a sale of Double Roll Forming Machine Chiclayo, Peru where our client was satisifed.


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Technical Support

EAC STEEL know that 100% of our customers expect to receive the support at the same time when the incident occurs also minimize lost, so the technical assistance of EAC STEEL, is at your disposal technicians and plant engineers for the proper functioning of the machines we provide and also solve any malfunction of it at home or wherever it is needed.